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Starters you can rely on REF: MMPR 205

product205Benefits to the industry: Prestolite/Leece-Neville suppliers to OEMs and OE quality Heavy Duty Alternator and Starter customers worldwide, have developed a full range of 6.5Kw –7.5Kw M105R 12Vlt/24Vlt gear reduction drive starters that replace the 39Mt and 42Mt 12Vlt/24Vlt starter range. These heavy duty starters have rotatable nose housing and soft start relay options. They can be used in dual or single application, each starter able to start engines of up to 16ℓ.
Don’t waste money on pirate copy starters, they cost your operations downtime. Use OEM approved Prestolite/Leece-Neville starters and alternators available through Shellhurst to achieve the maximum cost per hour out of your fleet. mmpr
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Trailer trust REF: MMPR 204

product204Benefits to the industry: Serco has developed a lightweight trailer ideal for use in urban areas, especially around commercial hubs and other places where there are vehicle height and parking restrictions.
The 6,9m trailer has a ten-pallet footprint load area and a payload of 8t as well as having a low deck height of 350mm with a body height of 2,9m, greatly simplifying loading and offloading operations for operators.
The pony trailer has Whiting roll over side doors which are lockable for improved security. Also incorporated are aluminium floor planks fitted to a monocoque steel chassis resulting in a lightweight construction suitable to be pulled by the converted rigid truck tractor, which is economical to run even when compared to a conventional 4x2 truck tractor. mmpr
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Keep wheels spinning REF: MMPR 203

Benefits to the industry: Keep wheels spinning across the industry. product203Global Wheel (Pty) Ltd is one of Africa’s leading manufacturers of steel wheels/rims for trucks and trailers in mining, construction, and many other sectors.
All rims manufactured and supplied by the company are accompanied with a ‘certificate of conformance’, thus warranting the materials used, the workmanship, and the application.
The company provides solutions for the underground – dump trucks,loaders/scoops and shuttles, and the surface – dump trucks, loaders, backhoes, wheel dozers, and graders. mmpr
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Capacity to perform REF: MMPR 202

product202Benefits to the industry: Included in the range of Capacity trucks from BLT SA, are 4x2 models. These trucks can be customised for every specific handling task they need to perform, are suitable for use in diverse industries, including warehousing and distribution, airport terminals and intermodal requirements, as well as ports and shipping.
Key features of this robust range include reliable performance with the maximum number of lifts or moves per hour, fuel saver technology, low cost of ownership and compliance with quality and safety specifications. These machines are supported by a 10-year frame warranty.
Sustainability: Other advantages include reduced emissions for enhanced environmental protection.
Maintenance: The company also offers a maintenance programme to ensure enhanced performance and extended service life of equipment. mmpr
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Maneuverability and performance REF: MMPR 201

product201Benefits to the industry: With advanced technology comes versatility. Manitou Roof Bolter is an automated drill and bolt rig that offers manoeuvrability and performance in confined soft and hard rock hanging walls as low as 1,8m.
The Roof Bolter, a permanent fixture to the Manitou MT-X 742 Telescopic Handler, consists of a single rotating carousel head which carries six roof bolts, and enables drilling, automatic epoxy injection and bolting functions in a single procedure.
Apart from enhancing bolting capabilities, the multi-function carousel offers massive costsavings for customers. mmpr
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A genius workmate REF: MMPR 200

product200Benefits to the industry: GOST certification, the quality standard recognised throughout the Russian Federation and surrounding states, was awarded to Condra in 2012. Together with the ISO certification held for some years, this new standard worked with certifiably lower overall product lifetime costs to allow the company to successfully begin exporting into Eastern Europe.
Two examples of recent costlowering product improvements are the use of live-axle drives in place of ring-gear designs, and the introduction of adapted V-belt technology already tested and proven in the motor vehicle industry.
Component manufacture has, for several years, made use of high quality materials. Gearboxes have been up-rated to deliver additional power, and the company is using a 36B casehardened material on most pinions. This material, though expensive, is beneficial in extending crane lifespan. mmpr
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Zero tail swing REF: MMPR 199

product199Benefits to the industry: The zero tail swing excavator EZ38 from Wacker Neuson scores with its compact dimensions as well as a spacious and ergonomic cabin.
Tight job sites are no problem for the zero tail swing excavator EZ38. The compact machine from Wacker Neuson with zero tail swing is characterised by flexibility in use and a great deal of manoeuvrability.
For contractors, this means a variety of application areas and a high level of economic efficiency.
Operators benefit from the comfort of the completely revised cabin.
Maintenance: Maintenance of the zero tail swing excavator EZ38 is also extremely user-friendly.
The tiltable cabin directly uncovers the underlying components. All maintenance components, such as fuel, air, oil and hydraulic oil filters as well as the water and hydraulic coolers, are easily accessible thanks to the laterally placed engine. In addition, the side panels are easy to remove. mmpr
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Lift up high REF: MMPR 198

product198Benefits to the industry: From aerospace to waste management trucks and vans are a necessary part of every industry, in every country. To get the most out of a vehicle one needs equipment that makes it as efficient and versatile as possible.
With a liftgate one person can do the job of five, in a manner that is faster and safer than before.
Tommy Gate Company’s devotion to service is unrivalled in the liftgate industry. Its achievements in new product development and innovation make it a leader in all aspects of the business.
Pahltech has the sole distribution rights of Tommy Gate products for southern Africa.
Tommy Gate specialises in lift gates and rail gates for the bakkie and light delivery vehicle (LDV's) market. mmpr
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