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Faster, safer tyre change-outs Ref: MMPR 467

Benefits to the industry: Designed and built to strict Caterpillar specifications, Cat wheel rims help ensure better drive train performance and extended component life in off-highway trucks by combining the highest level of strength with the minimum amount of weight to maximise payload and decrease fuel costs.

By functioning as an integral part of Cat drive train systems, these rims help extend the life of all power transmitting components, as well as the suspension, bearings, brakes and tyres. This is why tyre selection and fitment is such an important part of the overall production planning on any mine. (Barloworld Equipment is Caterpillar’s southern African dealer.)

Caterpillar’s Quick Change Rim (QCR) system has revolutionised this practice and greatly contributed to improved production efficiencies by reducing change-out times to around two hours, due to fewer rim base removal and installation procedures. As a result, the system is proving particularly popular with large and ultra-size mining truck fleet owners.

Clean and green Ref: MMPR 466

Benefits to the industry: Advanced nano-fibre technology exclusively developed by Cummins has been proven to dramatically extend oil drain intervals, improve overall efficiency and decrease the total cost of ownership on a number of leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machinery and equipment that operate in the harsh South African mining conditions.

The latest breakthrough from the company’s filtration division is the Fleetguard FH239 Series Industrial Pro diesel fuel filtration system and all-in-one fuel/water separator.

The FH239 was developed to meet the needs of the OEM’s that operate in the tough African mining conditions and help reduce down time of heavy duty vehicles on mine sites by increasing the gap between oil and coolant changes.

Sustainability: Independent laboratory tests on fuel analysis revealed that the FH239 filtration system meets internationally-recognised ISO 4406 certification.

Tailor made trucks Ref: MMPR 465

Benefits to the industry: Serco was recently challenged when they received an order for specially-designed trailers to accommodate maximum volumetric capacity.
The team got down to it and started work on what they’re really good at – tailor-making vehicles according to customers’ specifications.

In the end, the client got exactly what they needed – four new ‘step-decked’ trailers with double axles and a carrying capacity of 123m3 of volume and 13 tons payload versus the standard of 106m3, and two interlink trailers designed with ‘well decks’ and a carrying capacity of 138m3 and 32 tons compared to the standard of 124m3.

Intelligent bearing technology Ref: MMPR 464

Benefits to the industry: SKF in cooperation with SJ, the Swedish national rail operator, recently started to run SKF Insight on a railway vehicle. This pilot demonstrated the technical and commercial advantages of SKF Insight intelligent bearing technology when retrofitted to the wheelset axlebox assemblies used in passenger rail vehicles.

Maintenance: These advantages include the ability to improve the in-service availability of passenger rail vehicles, while reducing maintenance costs gradually and safely extending wheelset bearing maintenance intervals.

SKF Insight is a new generation of bearing technology, which integrates an intelligent, self-powered sensor and wireless device within a conventional bearing envelope. In the new rail system, this is combined with a node and gateway wireless infrastructure, enabling data from each wheelset to be gathered and transmitted in real time to a remote server for analysis. The system can easily be retrofitted to existing wheelsets without the need for modification.

Features galore Ref: MMPR 463

Benefits to the industry: Sany SY55C-9 series of improved excavators offer a higher power engine, more powerful digging force, bigger capacity of bucket, optimised power control, precise swing control and longer control joysticks.

Sustainability: Engine emission and noise level is low. Other features include a silicone rubber shock absorber which reduces the shock of the cab, anti-rolling and anti-falling object protection, and a welded steel structure, complete with air conditioning.

Maintenance: Maintenance is more convenient and quicker with a fully opened left and right rear access door for easy maintenance. Other maintenance features include a long maintenance interval of engine oil, and engine oil filter and a hydraulic oil filter. The radiator, fuel tank and hydraulic oil tank are equipped with screw plugs at the bottom for east maintenance. 

Air chair

Having emphasised on both the similarities and differences between opencast and underground mining, Mining Online has chosen an example of a mode of transport in underground mining. This particular product immediately illustrates features that cater for an underground mine. Tomorrow’s update will focus on that of opencast.


The future of motion Ref: MMPR 425

Benefits to the industry: TFM’s 20/27 000ℓ water tanker features an elliptical tank type with rolled ends (not coffer design) made from mild steel mounted on a subframe with cross members and a three-point central longitudinal pivot mount for maximum flexibility.

Other features include catwalk to manhole and ladder to allow easy access for cleaning, inspection etc…

Painting includes an interior touched up with two coats of Emaline 58 multipurpose tank lining, while the exterior surface has been cleaned, primed and painted with two coats of 2K enamel.

Solutions in water Ref: MMPR 423

Benefits to the industry: Process ponds, tailings ponds and drainage ponds are a necessity for most mines. All of these ponds require maintenance work. The demanding conditions of these ponds set high requirements for the machinery that work there.

By utilising the Watermaster concept, only one versatile machine is needed for various tasks in mining ponds.

Watermaster can efficiently remove the mineral sediments and slimes from the process ponds in mines, as well as well as ground/rainwater ponds in open pit mines.

Removing the slimes ensures there is enough volume in the pond to prevent the water from leaking into unwanted areas.

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