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Lifting heavy loads

The Otis FOVF freight elevator is the lift system for heavy load capacities, large volume and industrial application lift solutions.

This system enables the consumer to use the lift both for freight and passenger applications. It utilises Otis’ advanced design technology which creates stability and flexibility. The features on this product include a more rigid lift structure, six-car guides as opposed to the conventional two-car guides for stability which enables loading by forklift.

The robust traction machine is designed according to the needs of the facility, and is built to accommodate a wide variety of loads. It can rise to 30m and had a standard door opening type with a two-panel side-sliding opening or four-panel centre opening.

The FOVF also provides a great option for use in warehouses, factories, vehicle transportation (car lift) and transportation centres where a more robust and durable lift is needed. The elevator can be tailored to meet industrial needs like water-resistance, dust- and fire-proof cabins and resistance to specific chemicals. Even under heavily loaded conditions, the Otis FOVF provides excellent floor levelling accuracy.

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