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Proximity detection system

The Booyco Proximity Detection System employs a very low frequency (VLF) and radio frequency (RF) technology. Pedestrians are equipped with two-way RFID tags. Vehicles or other static danger zones are equipped with VLF antennae which create two stable fields of a predetermined size and shape in front of and behind the vehicle. 

When a pedestrian enters the zone in which the field is established, his tag is activated and the warning signal is triggered indicating to the pedestrian that he is entering a danger zone, be it a static danger zone or an approaching vehicle. Antennae on vehicles are only energised when the vehicles are in motion. 

With these two-way tags the operator of the vehicle can also be warned that a pedestrian has entered his danger zone. The antennae create warning zones of up to 15m in a stable, predictable shape and size. The PSD does not give false warnings from stationary machinery. The system can also be expanded to provide other functions such as confirmation of shaft clearance and integrated with time and attendance systems.

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