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Attention to transfer systems

Weba chute systems are engineered to meet the specific criteria of each transfer point, and factors such as belt speed, belt width, material size, shape and throughput which are considered.

Using a custom design allows for the control of direction, flow and velocity of a calculated volume and type of material. This minimises the impact of the material, including belt presentation.

Weba chute systems pay attention to transfer systems as this is where most of problems lie. Some of the most common problems associated with transfer systems include dust, noise, degradation and segregation. WEBA Chute Systems address such problems where dust and noise are reduced. Degradation and segregation is also improved by up to 80%.

On a new transfer point, it is possible to eliminate spillage. On projects where Weba chute systems are retrofitted into existing installations it is possible to significantly reduce spillage.

For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 827 9372.

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