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Check out this topless crane!

For decades Potain has built tower cranes that are easy to assembly, flexible in configuration and simply to use, and the new Potain MDT 389 topless crane is no different.

The largest in the new line of topless cranes from Potain, the MDT 389 is well suited to crowded construction sites where space is tight and multiple cranes are needed. Like other topless cranes it has been designed to allow more cranes to over swing in a smaller area. As part of its standard features, the Potain MDT 389 is equipped with Manitowoc’s CraneSTAR, a GSM data transfer system that provides information on crane location and operation to support fleet management.

There are two versions of the Potain MDT 389, one with a 12t maximum capacity and the other with a 16t maximum capacity. Both versions have up to 75 metre of jib available. The 12t version can lift 3.4t at its jib end, while the 16t version can handle 3.3t.

For more information, contact + 27 (0) 11 822 8782.

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