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Hammering the market

The MR range of RC hammers is designed to perform at the top end of the performance scale compared to other tools on the market. With extensive testing the MR range of tools offers some very significant benefits over the MX range of RC hammers.

Performance improvements show up to 20% increase in production in both grade control and exploration applications versus the Mincon MX range.

As with all Mincon hammers the tools perform extremely well in deep hole drilling in dry applications and where there is a lot of water in the borehole. With a variable length available on the chunk sleeve the hammer can be easily set up for either dry or wet hole drilling. The Mincon MR range of tools gets the job done.

Key features include patented mounting system for fixed internal components, a sturdy shank with a short length that allows for greater transfer of energy between the piston and bit, variable chuck sleeve lengths for varying drilling conditions and more.

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