Gearing up to test torque

Assuring customers of the quality and reliability of Kwatani’s locally manufactured exciter gearboxes means testing them at full load before they leave the company’s workshop.

Explains Kenny Mayhew-Ridgers, general manager engineering at Kwatani, “As the designer and manufacturer of these products we want to be sure there are no issues with the running temperatures, oil cooling and noise emissions. The only way to do that confidently is by applying the load that the machine will be subject to during its lifespan on site.”

It is vital that movement in the gearbox is finely synchronised to ensure uniform linear excitation, this is a primary advantage of an exciter gearbox over the alternative of unbalanced motors – which exert torsional loads on the drive beam of the screen through unbalanced motion before they reach the point of self-synchronisation.

Kwatani’s largest exciter can displace 20 tonnes with 10mm movement – this needs a strong, heavy frame. The test frame can also be used to test different condition monitoring solutions, by installing the necessary tools and conducting computer monitoring.

For more information, contact + 27 (0) 11 923 9000.


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