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Uranium deal in Niger approved

Africa is very rich in minerals, and each nation deserves recognition for its flagship reserve. In this particular instance it is Niger, which has recently approved the exploitation of uranium in the northern region of the country.


Uranium: some (fun) facts

Uranium has an important role to play, especially when one considers the emphasis that has been placed on nuclear energy. Today we explore its uses and its role in today’s industries for a comprehensive understanding.


‘Green’ mining versus ‘greener’ mining

By: Johan Engelbrecht Jr – director: sustainability solutions at Institute for Sustainable Risk Management

The effects of mining can have long-term and potentially devastating consequences, not only to the environment itself but also to the people in the affected areas for generations to come. The mining industry has come a long way by opting to pursue actions that seek to limit and mitigate harmful impacts on sensitive ecosystems, however, the journey has just begun. The challenges to counteract ecosystem destruction and ongoing contests to reduce its environmental footprint has become of paramount importance to the modern and progressive mine manager.


Pumps with the right design

Sediment in process ponds and reservoirs is a serious concern, especially with the current drought conditions that are afflicting South Africa. Lee Vine, managing director of Integrated Pump Rental, says severely silted up process water dams and ponds negatively impact the water storage capacities on a plant or mine, and affect all downstream processes.


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