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Water, energy and mining today

As water scarcity becomes a bigger problem in South Africa, the use of alternative energy becomes critically more important. How bad is the situation at present?


To frack or not to frack

Anti-fracking campaigners have vowed to file an urgent application in court to stop any fracking in the Karoo region. Government recently announced that exploration for shale gas will begin in the next 12 months, ending years of speculation over the project and following years of postponements.


Fracking in the US today

Fracking is a process that affects countries throughout the world. How does the fracking situation fare overseas, particularly the United States of America.


What can gas do today?

The usage of gas as a substitute for coal when it comes to the production of power has a great many advantages and disadvantages. While fracking may create jobs and pollute the environment at the same time it must be remembered that gas can be sourced from other countries, other than having to extract the resource in the Karoo.


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