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Belonging to an association has a number of advantages.

The benefits of joining an association

By Matthew Wood.

Joining an association has a number of benefits, particularly in the world of mining. So, what are the ins and outs? There are many benefits to joining a mining association, from gaining industry knowledge to staying ahead of the competition. For a well-rounded understanding, MMPR approached the Mine Professional Associations Secretariats (MPAS) of South Africa’s Chamber of Mines.


Brining buyer and supplier together in Namibia

Namibia is clearly an African powerhouse, given the many factors that contribute to its economy, which spans mining, fisheries, ports/harbours, tourism…, the list goes on. It is obvious then that Namibia is not to be discounted when it comes to doing business throughout Africa.


Namibia: going beyond mining and fisheries

Uranium, ports/harbours and fisheries. These are some of the industries that Namibia boasts, which many other African countries are not as fortunate to possess. While these are the highlights of Namibia’s economy, what else does the country have to offer?


Namibia: a good catch

Namibia is well known as one of southern Africa’s leaders in mining and industry, as well as a driver of trade through its ports and harbours. Yet there is still so much more to this nation when one pans in on its fisheries industry.


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