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More insight into Botswana’s mining industry

The Botswanan fiscal regime report outlines the governing bodies, laws, licenses, rights, obligations and tax-related information covering five main commodities: coal, copper, silver, nickel and diamond.


Risk based legal compliance audits


Organisations continuously seek opportunities to enhance shareholder and stakeholder value. These opportunities are often found in continual improvement processes related to performance processes’ contribution to the sustainability of the organisation and the sustainable development indicators of the organisation. Through an interrelated approach these indicators are normally related to the following disciplines of the organisation:

  • Wellness of employees;
  • Health, safety and environmental management;
  • Compliance factors;
  • Operations and business process optimisation;
  • Good governance.

It is of paramount importance for an organisation to manage its responsibilities within a risk management framework which focus on a holistic approach of legal compliance for sustainable development and in particular adhere to good corporate governance principles, through the management and regulation of risk as an underpinning philosophy.

Business is subject to a wide range of legal responsibilities within the legislative framework and expectations in the society it operates in. In risk management terms for occupational health, safety and environmental management these legal requirements and framework focus strongly on responsibilities and accountabilities of employers / owners for the following reasons:

  • A desire to comply with the law.
  • Fear of prosecution and the imposition of penalties.
  • A good compliance record to ensure a licence to operate.
  • Fear of the consequence of non-compliance and major incidents.

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Curing a serious environmental hangover

Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) in South Africa explained Mining first started on the Witwatersrand just over 120 years ago. As the surface reserves got depleted, miners were forced to start digging.

This has led to a vast network of underground tunnels, resulting in a large void. As the mines started to close down, the water table began to return to the level it was before mining started. As the mines closed down, the pump stations were turned off and that void became flooded with water. As a result, mineral rock that is very rich in sulphite-containing material, (especially pyrite) came in contact with oxygen and water, resulting in the oxidisation of the pyrite that causes water with a high concentration of heavy metals and sulphide, characterised by a very low ph.


Mining software – a massive leap forward

It is quite amazing how information technology has advanced to a point where the mining industry, among many other sectors, has greatly benefited from the development of numerous
diverse software systems. A product “People are starting to realise that software is becoming more critical with regards to biometrics, process diaries and smelting processes to name but a few,” said Malcolm Rabsan, Dariel Solutions MD. Dariel Solutions has built and designed the Weighbridge Goods Receiving and Despatch software to combat theft and fraud.“Due to the location of the mines and the usual dispatching methods of ore, there’s a lot of theft.The problem in the past was that a lot of companies got third party haulage trucks, so what would happen is, a driver would come in with no approved ID, drive a truck out, and then stop on the side of the road and off-load.


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