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Locking out the danger

Bearing Man Group supplies and supports the complete range of Master Lock safety and security solutions.


Gases – of the poisonous and dangerous variety

By Matthew Wood.

Poisonous gases are just some of the many health/safety risks associated with mining, but there are always a number of solutions available. Poisonous and dangerous gases have always been a major problem in industry, particularly mining. However advances in technology can tackle the problem in better and easier ways.


Lily Mine rescue efforts temporarily suspended

Rescue efforts for the three miners trapped in Lily Mine, Barberton have been temporarily suspended due to another cave-in experienced over the weekend.


Advances in security cameras can receive all sorts of relevant data.

Secure the perimeter – security in the mining industry

By: Matthew Wood –writer

Security is not always about mitigating theft but protecting an operation as a whole. In the mining industry, security can revolve around a number of aspects – from CCTV footage to asset management, all the way to drug and alcohol testing. What is new on the mine security front?


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