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Having emphasised on both the similarities and differences between opencast and underground mining, Mining Online has chosen an example of a mode of transport in underground mining. This particular product immediately illustrates features that cater for an underground mine. Tomorrow’s update will focus on that of opencast.


The future of motion Ref: MMPR 425

Benefits to the industry: TFM’s 20/27 000ℓ water tanker features an elliptical tank type with rolled ends (not coffer design) made from mild steel mounted on a subframe with cross members and a three-point central longitudinal pivot mount for maximum flexibility.

Other features include catwalk to manhole and ladder to allow easy access for cleaning, inspection etc…

Painting includes an interior touched up with two coats of Emaline 58 multipurpose tank lining, while the exterior surface has been cleaned, primed and painted with two coats of 2K enamel.

Solutions in water Ref: MMPR 423

Benefits to the industry: Process ponds, tailings ponds and drainage ponds are a necessity for most mines. All of these ponds require maintenance work. The demanding conditions of these ponds set high requirements for the machinery that work there.

By utilising the Watermaster concept, only one versatile machine is needed for various tasks in mining ponds.

Watermaster can efficiently remove the mineral sediments and slimes from the process ponds in mines, as well as well as ground/rainwater ponds in open pit mines.

Removing the slimes ensures there is enough volume in the pond to prevent the water from leaking into unwanted areas.

Dump truck extreme Ref: MMPR 424

Benefits to the industry: Refined engineering and advanced Hitachi AC drive system technology has created hauling capability well recognised in the surface mining industry.

The EH3500ACII continues to prove itself as an exceedingly capable and reliable solution to mine applications worldwide.

A fabricated box section and rectangular frame rail construction provides superior resistance to bending and torsional loads. One-piece top and bottom flanges eliminate cross member tie-in joints and provide a larger exposed center area for access to major components.

Tunnel master Ref: MMPR 422


Benefits to the industry: Famur’s independent tunneling system with the roadheader AM-50z-w is designed to drill tunnels and galleries in underground mines with limited access to electricity. The selection of the presented equipment provides safe and stable work for the whole system, even in the most difficult mining conditions.

Tts work consists of mechanised mining of minerals characterised by a unit compressive strength of up to 60MPa. Choosing such equipment can guarantee about 15 meters of daily progress in coal which gives about 350 tons of material per day.

Famur’s head office is in Poland, but further details are available should you have enquiries.

Modified for efficiency Ref: MMPR 421

Benefits to the industry: BLT SA’s 85 T material feeder, based on Samson’s MF 1610W series, can be modified especially efficiently handle bulk aggregates, including dune sand and rock, as well as desert sand, gravel and tailing.

Samson’s automated handling systems, which require minimal civil works, are designed to join together fixed and mobile equipment, providing a cost efficient and highly productive alternative to fixed bulk handling installations. These surface material feeders, which receive materials directly from 40t dump trucks, have a buffer holding capacity of up to 66,2t.

These feeders have a regulated output feed rate of 1 000t per hour, direct to an on-going conveyor system. Material is drawn from the tipping truck in a controlled stream, which means dust generation is significantly reduced, minimising environmental pollution.

Paramount cooling Ref: MMPR 420

Benefits to the industry: New internationally-recognised engine coolant technology that has been proven to extend service intervals, while reducing environmental impact, was officially launched in the African market in April 2015 by Cummins Filtration.

Sustainability: The environmentally-friendly Fleetguard ES Compleat Organic Acid Technology (OAT) coolant formulation is free from harmful inorganic compounds, such as; nitrite, amine, phosphate, borate and silicate, to ensure improved liner pitting protection and greater aluminium protection.

It is estimated that up to 40% of all engine failures, which lead to costly repairs and unnecessary downtime, are related to problems that stem from the cooling system. Coolants have, therefore, become of paramount importance when it comes to effective vehicle maintenance.

Build a railway Ref: MMPR 419

Benefits to the industry: A 20T Hyundai wheeled excavator from HPE Africa can be used in railway construction. Sleepers can be layed using a rubber wheeled excavator.

A conventional gantry system and labour is normally used to lift and position heavy sleepers – and with this conventional method, approximately 200 sleepers could be placed a day. By using the high performance Hyundai wheeled excavator, it is anticipated that up to 1 000 railway sleepers, correctly spaced, will be positioned in an eight hour shift.

This methodology of the laying out of sleepers on new rail formation enables long welded rail of 240m lengths to be offloaded from a rail train, directly onto the sleepers, advancing laid track at a rapid rate.

HPE Africa’s technical team has fitted the Hyundai R210W excavator with a tilt rotor attachment and has specially modified an Octopus grapple to be able handle 2m wide sleepers, which are standard in the local railways sector.

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