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product124Benefits to the industry: Using a high pressure washer is not only quicker than carrying out a manual clean with a hose pipe, but between six to 10 times faster with less water being consumed when compared to using a simple hose pipe at low pressure, making the use of high pressure washers also environmentally friendly.
Mayday Equipment offers a comprehensive range of cold water, high pressure washers to suit a number of applications and budgetary
requirements. The range now includes the 150, 186, 200, and 248 bar models.
Sustainability: Pressure cleaning is actually an eco-friendly cleaning method that can lead to the use of fewer, or even no chemicals.
Maintenance: The petrol washers are fitted with a Honda engine for long service life and minimal maintenance. mmpr

Turbo grinding REF: MMPR 123

product123Benefits to the industry: Atlas Copco turbo grinders are designed for high performance grinding, cutting, and sanding, even in
confined spaces.
Sustainability: Heavy-duty GTG 40 units, with power ratings of 4,5kW, achieve a higher rate of material removal on uneven surfaces than
conventional grinders. These 4kg hand tools, which are designed for rough grinding, fettling of castings or stock removal, are fitted with a silencer for
reduced noise levels.
These grinders have a throttle handle with soft rubber sleeves for temperature insulation and a comfortable grip. An easily adjustable wheel guard ensures maximum accessibility and enhanced operator safety. mmpr

Outperforms others REF: MMPR 122

product122Benefits to the industry: Ensure the most effective cleaning path. Diamond Power’s Gemini nozzle, designed specifically for
boiler applications, outperforms other nozzle designs with its patented, cast body and staggered jets.
Sustainability: Engineered to reduce steam consumption and increase cleaning energy up to 29% (compared to alternative designs), the
Gemini nozzle offers Diamond Power’s best available technology.
Maintenance: The Gemini sootblower nozzle dramatically enhances cleaning performance while significantly reducing operation and maintenance costs as well as steam consumption. mmpr

Candle of safety REF: MMPR 121

product121Benefits to the industry: The Solar Candle, available through Ngobeni-Valambya Holdings was specifically designed to replace the
standard paraffin-wax. Shaped like a candle in a saucer, it has the same height but provides five times the light of a single candle flame
(five candle-power). Shack fires are a major problem in informal settlements.
Sustainability: The Solar Candle poses no fire hazard at all and completely eliminates the need for paraffin lamps and candles.
During its lifespan, the Solar Candle emits no CO2 at all.
The solar panel has a 15-year life span and the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) will last for 10 000 hours. mmpr

Light viewing REF: MMPR 120

product120Benefits to the industry:Improve sight for your personnel.
The robust new 6.7 inch LEDbased 50 watt Cannon light, available through Vision is ideally suited to the mining industry giving a range of 1,1km.
Sustainability: For the first time, LED competes with HID and halogen lights and by using a single 50 watt, LED uses less energy at a lower cost. The LEDs do not use
ballasts, as opposed to HID and halogen lights, with no risk of interference in radio frequencies. mmpr

Meeting exact requirements REF: MMPR 119

product119Benefits to the industry: Looking for the ideal way to control the flow of liquids, powders, solids and abrasives? BMG’s Fluid Power
division has extended its range of FPV valves to now include new open frame pinch valves, designed for enhanced operating efficiency
and extended service life in diverse sectors. These valves, which were launched in August 2013, are particularly well suited for the control and isolation of abrasive slurries.
Sustainability: These valves have manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuation. FPV diaphragm and pinch valves, which are 100%
locally manufactured, are available in many different materials, with various pressure ratings, to meet exact requirements. mmpr
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Necessity in modern times REF: MMPR 118

product118Benefits to the industry: Why dry and clean compressed air? One of the most efficient power sources used in the industry is compressed air, provided it is in a properly installed and maintained system.
Dry compressed air is a necessity in the modern industrial plant.
Downtime, production loss and maintenance costs caused by contaminated air can be so high that the price of a compressed air dryer will be recovered within its first year of installation.
The standard AD Series is designed for a working pressure of 10 bar maximum and flow capacities from 5m3/h to 35O0m3/h and is manufactured in 19 different sizes. This simplifies the work of the engineer or planner to choose the right model from the standard range. mmpr
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Band it REF: MMPR 83

product083Benefits to the industry: The Ultra-Lok UL4000-C Application Tool available through Banding & Identification Solutions, has been used extensively in the mining industry. The tool is ideal for hose clamping, and has been designed to replace band and buckle systems in high volume applications.
Sustainability: It is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery which holds a charge for longer with consistent peak performance through the life of the battery.
Backup service: Aftersales service and training are available from Banding & I.D. Solutions.
Maintenance: Repair and maintenance services are available. mmpr
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