Pumping up protection

The application of Thermaspray’s protective thermal spray coatings reduce degradation processes on performance-critical pump components, to extend operating life and improve pump efficiencies for optimised uptime and increased production.


Cummins C700D5 power box

Power up REF: MMPR 564

Benefits to the industry: The Cummins C700D5 power box offers greater fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs, thanks to its advanced masterless load demand (MLD) technology, which enables smartly adapting power to match varying load demand.

MLD capable generators allow sharing of information among paralleled generator sets. The Cummins C700D5 synchronised unit has a 16 000ℓ external bulk fuel tank, with complete fuel line piping system.


Sustainable fuel assurance REF: MMPR 556

Benefits to the industry: The Patented DUO-Aquatrap, as its name may indicate, offers the best of both worlds in filtration. It proves to be the best in addressing both free and suspended water and article contamination in in one effective pre-filter.

Primer and topcoat in one REF: MMPR 559

Benefits to the industry: Kansai Plason’s Aquaduo is an innovative primer and topcoat in one that can be applied directly to prepared mild and galvanised steel. This saves both time and effort, and produces a finish that withstands exposure from harsh environmental conditions, while maintaining a protective sheen finish. Rust inhibitors are built into the coating, thereby negating the need for primer.

Solar charged REF: MMPR 563

Benefits to the industry: Magnet’s extensive portfolio of components for solar power systems includes Schneider Conext SW inverter/charger systems, which offer reliable solutions for community electrification, residential back-up power and off-grid solar power applications.

This pure sine wave solar hybrid inverter/charger system has been designed for optimum flexibility, with switchable 50/60 Hz frequencies available for 120/240 VAC and 230 VAC models. These robust units feature split-phase input and output, without the need for an external transformer. Stacking two Conext SW modules doubles the system’s total output power and solar charge controllers allow for the integration of solar capacity as required.

New DC/DC converters for the energy sector

Benefits to the industry: The new Quint Power DC/DC converters from Phoenix Contact are particularly suited to applications in the energy sector.

With its wide-range input, the DC nominal input voltages from 60-72V and 96-110V is converted into electrically isolated, adjustable 24V DC output voltage. In customer or works networks, an island manufacturing capability is typically made available by means of voltage levels of 60, 110 or 220V DC as battery-buffered, redundant supply voltages. The wide-range devices cover input voltages of 42-96V and 67-154V DC without any problems and are used in one-sided grounded networks with mid-point grounding. Thanks to the electrical isolation between the input and output voltage, independent supply systems can be established and monitored in a preventative manner.

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