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Sand monitoring innovation

New Roxar SandLog wireless transmitters help protect equipment through accurate, flexible and cost-effective monitoring


Pump solutions Ref: MMPR 325


Benefits to the industry: The new Warman DWU dewatering pump design available through Weir Minerals Africa (MWA) offers customers a head option encompassing the speeds for diesel and electrical driven applications, with heads exceeding 130 metres.

The pump has been developed to enhance WMA’s existing high lift dewatering pump range. The intended area of application is high head mine dewatering, as well as general dewatering applications.

Weir Minerals research and development engineers have utilised a double volute casing design and impeller balance holes to reduce the radial and axial hydraulic loads.

Water-wise dust suppression Ref: MMPR 324


Benefits to the industry: Dust is a pervasive hazard that undermines the health of workers, impacts negatively on the surrounding environment and substantially reduces the lifespan of machinery.

In addition to being in short supply, water is also severely limited in its effectiveness, as it evaporates quickly, thereby releasing the dust back into the environment. In order to address this challenge in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner, I-CAT Environmental Solutions stocks and distributes the internationally-recognised Telesto SCRUBmist dry mist dust suppression system.
The dry mist system removes respirable and inhalable dust particles from the air with minimal water usage, and no collateral damage to property. It works by atomising water into minute droplets 5 micron (µm) to 15 µm in size. They are electrostatically attracted to dust particles and form agglomerations that subsequently fall out of the air.

Sustainability: With this technology, the water volume per nozzle can be adjusted and only two nozzles are required per installation point, as opposed to the standard of 20 or more. This not only saves resources, but also lowers operational costs.

Industry suitable Ref: MMPR 323


Benefits to the industry: Pamodzi Unique Engineering is renowned for its pump range and one of the mining industry’s work-horse is the DD 25 and DD 50 Wilflo double diaphragm range, which are locally designed and manufactured. The units have been successfully pumping sludge, slurry, water and sewage for more than 35 years and are easy to operate.

Sustainability: ‘Lube free’ units are a big feature, making it environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and suitable for general industry in numerous applications.

The locally manufactured generic spares perform equally well and in some instances, better than imported products, thus bringing about enormous savings to the market.

Compact set-up Ref: MMPR327


Benefits to the industry: With sampling valves and systems based on a plug valve construction sample taking of liquid media is performed pressure-free and the sample volume is always identical. The valves offer all the known and established advantages of the plug valve principle. These valves are free of cavities as a standard because a PTFE sleeve encircles the whole plug. So neither can left over media get trapped in cavities nor can it contaminate production.

Also media tending to crystallize does not affect the operating state. Because of the compact set-up a space-saving plant design is possible, even allowing for vertical or horizontal mounting due to its construction. Available through AZ Armaturen.

Clean machines Ref: MMPR 321


Benefits to the industry: Vert Energy has extended its range of electric power generation (EPG) components to meet growing demand from generator set builders and electro-mechanical power transmission industries.

Increasing energy requirements have placed power utilities under enormous pressure throughout the African continent, which is why companies are investing in alternative sources of electricity production.

The company has been appointed exclusive distributors in sub-Saharan Africa for leading power generation brands, complemented by genuine spare parts and accessories. EPG components include Leroy Somer alternators.

Backup service: A critical part of the company’s service is the availability throughout Africa of factory and OEM trained technicians who cope efficiently with any electro-mechanical breakdown situation or routine preventative maintenance procedures.

Sustainability: Leroy Somer, the largest producer of alternators for gensets globally, provides clean energy solutions. LS alternators, with ratings in excess of 20 000 kW, are suitable for all drive systems – whether for supplying electrical power on board a ship, electricity to deprived regions, or for preventing interruptions in the mains supply.

Cartridge expansion Ref: MMPR 319

Benefits to the industry: As part of the new joint venture into Africa, the Hytec Group has increased its distribution and support of the full range of Bosch Rexroth Oil Control cartridge valves throughout sub-Saharan Africa. This expanded support will enhance the group’s logistical, sales and support capabilities of the products, and includes a more competitive pricing structure for this series.

The valve range simplifies conventional compact hydraulic systems, and enhances hydraulic circuits where space and weight present fundamental application constraints. Bosch Rexroth cartridge valves are characterised by a very long service life: at an operating pressure of 350 bar, the cartridge solenoid valves are rated for a product life of 10 million cycles.

Dispenser series Ref: MMPR 318


Benefits to the industry: The TLMR series of automatic lubricant dispensers from global bearings and engineering solutions specialist, SKF, is ideally suited for difficult-to-reach or hazardous lubrication points on general machinery. The lubricant dispensers deliver maximum discharge pressure of up to 435psi (30 bar) and provide reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -25 degrees to +70 degrees Celsius.

Sustainability: The TLMR 101 lubricator is powered by standard-sized, Lithium AA batteries, while the TLMR 201 utilises 12- or 24- volt DC. Both models are available with 120mℓ or 380mℓ easily replaceable lubricant cartridges for applications requiring high lubricant consumption in heavy industries such as mining.

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