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Naturally speaking Ref: MMPR 459

Benefits to the industry: CNG Holdings brings the user a cleaner, greener and more cost-effective source of energy.

Sustainability: As an alternative fuel, compressed natural gas (CNG) is an energy source that can reduce both the costs and carbon emissions of your business significantly. With reliable supply and consistent quality, CNG eliminates the regular fluctuations associated with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), diesel, paraffin etc… giving you greater control of your business operation, regardless of its operation. Using CNG enables you to plan, budget and operate more efficiently. Gas supply equipment can be easily installed and provided at no direct cost to your company.

The Ripper Ref: MMPR 458

Benefits to the industry: Torre Parts & Components have announced the VisionX range of rugged dual-mounting LED Ripper lights with a 60G vibration rating designed for the mining industry. VisionX has worked at over 500 mining sites around the world, installing solutions at miners including BHP, Rio Tinto, AngloGold, Kinross and Phelps Dodge.

The Ripper LEDs have an integrated Electronic Thermal Management (ETM) system that enables the housing to dissipate heat. This technology keeps the lights at safe low-operating temperatures to ensure no touch burns will occur if an operator or mechanic comes into contact with the unit. In addition, all lighting heads are low-voltage fixtures with no risk of electrical shock or burn.

Sustainability: The Ripper produces nearly twice the light as normal LEDs and includes enhanced optics that optimise the beam distance and depth, and gives a full 50 000 hour potential.

Chromite recovery Ref: MMPR 457

Benefits to the industry: With the advent of the Longi-Multotec Vertical Ring Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator (WHIMS), platinum group metals (PGM) beneficiation plants will now be able to achieve attractive yields from tailings dams. Currently the minus 1 000 to plus 115 micron chromite is being recovered by spirals, but no proven technology is used to recover the fine chromite which is minus 100 micro.

Multotec is currently involved in extensive test work in chromite recovery using its WHIMS technology. Tests have shown that the WHIMS machines typically have a force factor of two hundred million Gauss2/mm, which is a vastly significant difference when compared to a traditional low intensity wet drum magnetic separator, which has only 20 000 Gauss2/mm.

Protect your assets Ref: MMPR 456

Benefits to the industry: Brigit’s GreenMist Rotor technology generates a very fine water mist that is proving to be extremely effective in the extinguishing of most types of fires (class A, B, C and F). Due to microscopic droplet size achieved with this new technology, the surface area of the water is greatly increased. GreenMist extinguishes fire mainly by cooling (heat absorption), oxygen displacement and the attenuation of heat transmission/radiation. It is safe for people (no toxicity or thermal breakdown) and 100% eco-friendly with no environmental impact.

For demanding applications Ref: MMPR 418

Benefits to the industry: Since it very first designs in the mid-1980s up to the most recent state-of-the-art range, Sulzer have delivered more than 130 000 Ahlstar pumps worldwide – all designed to exceed standard requirements and customer expectations.

The Ahlstar range, comprised of the A, N, W and E ranges, has been designed in accordance with ISO 5199 and ISO 2858 international standards, and has been even further developed to surpass market standards and ensure performance and reliability.

Peace with grease Ref: MMPR 417

Benefits to the industry: Fuchs Renolit Lubrene LMG 960 EP grease was developed for use on pins and bushes in large earth-moving equipment found in the mining and heavy industrial markets, especially major hydraulic excavators. The grease incorporates a heavy base oil to enhance load-carrying capability and is manufactured utilising a semi-synthetic base oil for improved performance in its pumpability in colder weather.

The grease has a semi-synthetic base oil with solid additives that increase its load-carrying and extreme pressure capabilities.

High strength splicing Ref: MMPR 416

Benefits to the industry: BMG’s highly efficient belt fastener system – the Super-Screw – which was originally used as a temporary alternative to conventional hot and cold splicing, has proved to be totally reliable as a permanent splice for conveyor belt repairs.

This high-strength splicing system is a flexible rubber splice using self tapping screws that enable Super-Screw to be installed regardless of the configuration of the conveyor belt and irrespective of access and weather conditions. The current trend in the mining industry is to avoid the use of hazardous substances where ever possible. Trichloroethylene, a hazardous solvent used in conventional hot and cold splicing procedures, can now be replaced by using the Super-Screw system as a safe splicing alternative.

Maintenance: With training from BMG, an in-house maintenance team can quickly and efficiently install the Super-Screw system, using a simple tool like an electrical or battery powered screw driver.

Eco-accredited Ref: MMPR 414

Benefits to the industry: I-CAT continues to consolidate its reputation as a leading environmental solutions company, having achieved internationally-recognised accreditation from the ‘Ecospecifier Verified Product Programme' in May 2015.

Sustainability: Ecospecifier is an online platform that promotes the protection and restoration of natural systems by building awareness of practical solutions that support healthy environments and ecological regeneration in the built environments and construction sector.

The Ecospecifier Verified Product Programme ensures products have been independently assessed according to the Verified Product Programme Standard – whereby all manufacturers’ eco claims are true in accordance with ISO 14021, consumer law and that products are healthy and non-toxic. One of I-CAT’s products that received this high-profile certification is RDC 20, a water-soluble anionic polyelectrolyte polymer comprised of an exclusive formulation of blended emulsified co-polymers and ionic modifiers. RDC 20 is produced from natural substances and features no petrochemical or hydrocarbon ingredients, making it 100% eco-friendly.

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