New DC/DC converters for the energy sector REF : MMPR 510

4784xBenefits to the industry: The new Quint Power DC/DC converters from Phoenix Contact are particularly suited to applications in the energy sector.

With its wide-range input, the DC nominal input voltages from 60-72V and 96-110V is converted into electrically isolated, adjustable 24V DC output voltage. In customer or works networks, an island manufacturing capability is typically made available by means of voltage levels of 60, 110 or 220V DC as battery-buffered, redundant supply voltages. The wide-range devices cover input voltages of 42-96V and 67-154V DC without any problems and are used in one-sided grounded networks with mid-point grounding. Thanks to the electrical isolation between the input and output voltage, independent supply systems can be established and monitored in a preventative manner.


Tower of light REF: MMPR 509


RenttechxBenefits to the industry: Renttech’s UNIpower lighting tower’s generator set ensures stable and reliable lighting. The lighting tower is equipped with an audible warning system that is activated when the mast is being raised or lowered so as to make both operators and people nearby aware, and ensure they keep within a safe distance.

Sustainability: Metal halide lamps can provide enough brightness with little energy, which is one of the most efficient ways to convert energy into light.



No pipe dream REF : MMPR 508

IncledonxBenefits to the industry: Fluid conveyance and solutions provider Incledon supplies an extensive range of high-quality products to the mining industry. Incledon has a strategic network with branches in key mining areas across South Africa. These branches range from Secunda to Lephalale, Welkom, Klerksdorp, Burgersfort and Kathu. 

An example of Incledon’s ongoing innovation in developing products specifically for the mining industry is Ultralok, a first-of-its-kind product for the jointing of plain ended pipes. Ultralok was developed in-house by Incledon’s in-group company, DPI Plastics.



Transport of bulk lubricants Ref: MMPR 461

Benefits to the industry: Engen’s Innovative Packaging System (IPS) for transporting bulk lubricants is a first for lubricants in Africa. It is scientifically engineered to offer solutions to issues experienced with long distance transportation, turnkey installations including on site inventory, contamination control and disposal. This container is constructed using a set of five layers of carefully selected materials to protect the product content during handling, filling, dispensing and storage.

Sustainability: Non-toxic material is used in the making of the bag, which can easily be recycled. The wooden palette is also designed to be reused.

Smart meter Ref: MMPR 460

Benefits to the industry: Elster Kent Metering’s complete automated meter reading (AMR) technology is efficient in that meter readers do not need access to a customer’s property in order to collect water meter data.

The Elster Kent Metering AMR technology offers a quick, efficient way to obtain meter readings without having to view the meter register, unless necessary.

Elster Kent Metering offers a broad range of intelligent metering solutions in the form of AMR systems. The approach allows utilities to implement flexible, cost-effective reading systems that can be integrated into today's operations, yet with the benefit of allowing the system to evolve as the utility grows, or as technology advances.

Naturally speaking Ref: MMPR 459

Benefits to the industry: CNG Holdings brings the user a cleaner, greener and more cost-effective source of energy.

Sustainability: As an alternative fuel, compressed natural gas (CNG) is an energy source that can reduce both the costs and carbon emissions of your business significantly. With reliable supply and consistent quality, CNG eliminates the regular fluctuations associated with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), diesel, paraffin etc… giving you greater control of your business operation, regardless of its operation. Using CNG enables you to plan, budget and operate more efficiently. Gas supply equipment can be easily installed and provided at no direct cost to your company.

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