Maximise throughput REF : MMPR 514

WMAxBenefits to the industry: The Cavex 700CVX hydrocyclone, available through Weir Minerals Africa, with a smaller, more space-efficient body, allows mine sites to increase capacity with minimal capital expenditure while maintaining a competitive advantage. The inclusion of a unique laminar spiral inlet in the Cavex 700CVX hydrocyclone is the secret behind the success of this new product. The design is based on feedback from the market and intensive field testing. The result is a hydrocyclone that produces the desired results due to its large inlet and vortex finder configuration. It is important to note that the development of the Cavex 700CVX hydrocyclone was not based merely on a cone modification, but rather on an entirely new feed geometry that substantially increases hydraulic throughput capacity while minimising localised wear on the feed chamber and vortex finder.

For the rough stuff REF : MMPR 513


QuickCodxBenefits to the industry: With the right method, organic waste can be quickly measured without problems even in difficult waters with coarse material content. The QuickCOD Ultra, available through Analysers On-Line, is very versatile and able to handle the most diverse applications and types of waters.

The catalyst-free ceramic oven is the centrepiece of the QuickCOD Ultra. At 1 200°C, it reliably dissolves all carbon bonds and thus enables a complete analysis of samples. Even when water is dirty the measurement is clean.


Green energy REF : MMPR 512

VertxBenefits to the industry: Vert’s solutions service to genset manufacturers and electro-mechanical power transmission industries is geared to ensuring a dependable supply of electricity production throughout Africa.

Sustainability: Vert Energy’s focus on renewable energy sources to produce ‘green’ energy as a reliable source of electricity, encompasses sustainable solutions for hydroelectricity, wind power and for steam and gas turbines.

The company’s extensive range of power generation components for the production of hydroelectric power includes low, medium and high voltage Leroy Somer alternators.

The Leroy Somer Power alternator range has been designed especially for hydraulic turbine drives. LS Power alternators, with power ratings between 1MVA and 20MVA, are based on a modular design, with standard components, and can be adapted to different turbines, and can be modified to suit exact site characteristics, including environmental and mechanical constraints.


Water conservation technology REF : MMPR 511


ICATxBenefits to the industry: Up to 10 000ℓ/min of water spillage can be saved onsite using I-CAT’s E-CAM system with integrated RFID, a camera-based technology that assists water bowser operators in lining up 85 000ℓ water bowsers at the filling points located across mine sites.

The main function of the E-CAM and RFID systems is not only to reduce and prevent water spillages and wastages around the filling points, but to also effectively manage and control water bowser activities.

Sustainability: This new technology ensures pinpoint alignment without the driver having to set foot outside of the bowser, which reduces any safety hazards related to the driver being outdoors. It also substantially reduces the risk of spillage, and also leads to significant time and cost savings.


New DC/DC converters for the energy sector REF : MMPR 510

4784xBenefits to the industry: The new Quint Power DC/DC converters from Phoenix Contact are particularly suited to applications in the energy sector.

With its wide-range input, the DC nominal input voltages from 60-72V and 96-110V is converted into electrically isolated, adjustable 24V DC output voltage. In customer or works networks, an island manufacturing capability is typically made available by means of voltage levels of 60, 110 or 220V DC as battery-buffered, redundant supply voltages. The wide-range devices cover input voltages of 42-96V and 67-154V DC without any problems and are used in one-sided grounded networks with mid-point grounding. Thanks to the electrical isolation between the input and output voltage, independent supply systems can be established and monitored in a preventative manner.


Tower of light REF: MMPR 509


RenttechxBenefits to the industry: Renttech’s UNIpower lighting tower’s generator set ensures stable and reliable lighting. The lighting tower is equipped with an audible warning system that is activated when the mast is being raised or lowered so as to make both operators and people nearby aware, and ensure they keep within a safe distance.

Sustainability: Metal halide lamps can provide enough brightness with little energy, which is one of the most efficient ways to convert energy into light.



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