Wastage without cost

As the fines recovery gains achieved by REFLUX™ Classification (RC™) technology are extended to a wider range of commodities, FLSmidth is making mines an offer they can’t refuse: to share the value of expanded production – including retreatment of waste dumps – at no cost to themselves.

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The modular RC solution is ideal for any mining company that has dumps or stockpiles of fines where they would like to recover minerals, but where the quantities do not justify building a dedicated fixed plant. The modular format allows a short-term treatment plant of capacities around 100tph to be set up without disrupting existing process facilities.

At the same time, the modular format can even be expanded for customers who want production capacity up to 400 to 600tph although these plants are more likely to a fixed solution. The sector recognises that the RC concept offers better recovery rates than spirals when dealing with fine particles, more effectively separating materials of different densities.

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