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Improved engine performance

The quality and the cleanliness of fuel are major factors that contribute to the performance of diesel engines and components. Cummins Filtration’s Bulk Fuel Filtration system has been designed to produce cleaner fuel.

The Bulk Fuel Filtration system helps to reduce contamination levels, resulting in less maintenance and labour costs, which will ultimately lead to greater productivity. Fuel is pumped from the bulk fuel tank on the tank farm downstream into the Bulk Fuel Filtration system. The fuel can either be recycled to the main tank on a kidney loop basis, or delivered to the tank of the mobile machine directly. At this point, the cleanliness level of ISO 18/16/13 or better is achievable. Downstream of the vehicle’s tank, a first- and second-stage on-board system is designed to achieve the desired ISO 12/9/6 cleanliness level with Fleetguard on-board NanoNet technology.

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