Sharp focus REF : MMPR 490


FlukexBenefits to the industry: New Fluke infrared camera lenses bring the temperature variances of even near-microscopic or far-distant objects into sharp focus. The 4x telephoto lens, which is compatible with Fluke TiX560, TiX520, Ti400, Ti300, and Ti200 infrared cameras, helps identify problems in power utilities as small as a failed splice on a high electrical line while keeping technicians safely on the ground.

In applications like petrochemical and metals refinement where explosive atmospheres, extreme heat, or dangerous electrical levels make keeping a safe distance critical, the telephoto lens makes distant details more viewable while keeping workers at a safer distance.

Chute ‘em up

Benefits to the industry: Weba chute are designed using a sophisticated 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) programme. The process begins with a thorough site visit whereby Weba Chute Systems ascertains the exact requirements of the client by means of interviews with its operational and engineering teams. Thus the optimum design is derived at and tested using a combination of sound engineering tools, substantial practical knowledge and Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation as a verification tool.

It is important to factor in the operation’s unique product specifications and data, belt width, belt speed, material sizes and shape and throughput as well as the plant layout, including the position of belt scrapers and dust suppression/extraction systems. The comapny take a holistic approach towards chute design, which encapsulates both the entry and exit points, as well as the control of the flow, volume and velocity of the material being transferred at all times.

Driven generators Ref: MMPR 445

Benefits to the industry: Renttech South Africa’s growth trajectory is continuing. The company’s portfolio of industrial equipment includes a wide range of generators, which, given the current power crisis, are becoming increasingly sought-after. This is particularly true of Renttech’s new range of diesel-driven generators, which meet both domestic and commercial/industrial demands. Renttech’s diesel-driven generators range from 10kva up to 250kva, and include an extra heavy-duty ‘rental spec’ series for extreme conditions.

Super sieve Ref: MMPR 444

Benefits to the industry: While the progressive range of Fritsch sieve shakers (Analysette 3 or 18) covers any eventuality and is designed to meet all the requirements of a modern day laboratory with sieving results that can be integrated into test equipment in accordance with ISO 9000, there is a much faster alternative. The super compact Fritsch Analysette 22 MicroTec laser sizer available through Labotec is able to provide results in under two minutes. In addition, there are more distinct advantages over the traditional sieving methods, which may outweigh the additional cost implications.

Fully rugged notebook Ref: MMPR 443

Benefits to the industry: Getac rugged mobile computing solutions X500 fully rugged notebook, available through Intdev internet technologies features an Intel Core i7-620M processor, 15.6” TFT LCD FHD with Getac QuadraClear sunlight readable display, optional NVIDIA GeForce GT330M 1GB discrete graphic controller and multimedia bay and PCI/PCle expansion unit.

Optional accessories include backpack, battery charger, stylus and tether, vehicle dock, AC adapter and much, much more. Getac recommends Windows 7 for operation.

Sand monitoring innovation Ref: MMPR 442


Benefits to the industry: The new Roxar SandLog wireless transmitters help protect equipment through accurate, flexible and cost-effective monitoring. Stork, a global provider of knowledge-based asset integrity services focused on the oil and gas, chemical and power sectors, has successfully installed Emerson Process Management’s Roxar SandLog wireless sand erosion monitoring solutions on a major North Sea operator’s installation. The new wireless devices provide flexible, cost-effective and highly accurate online monitoring of sand erosion from the field, helping to extend equipment life and increase production from reserves.

Unrivaled voice and data everywhere Ref: MMPR 441

Benefits to the industry: Move your business beyond voice with Motorola’s Mototrbo Mobiles’ DM4000 Series. This powerhouse mobile delivers unrivalled voice and data communication with integrated Bluetooth audio and data, as well as integrated GPS and text messaging. It also offers full colour displays with day/night mode to make reading work, tickets and text messages easier, and best-in-class audio with intelligent audio that automatically adjusts volume to overcome background noise. 

Backup service: Mototrbo radios and repeaters are fully backed by a two-year standard warranty with a one-year warranty for batteries and accessories. Expert telephone technical support is available.

Super scrapers Ref: MMPR 440

Benefits to the industry: Hosch sprung blade scrapers are an advanced new technology. The Type C2 with self-adjustment aligns itself automatically according to the belt thickness/profile. The matching components of the construction kit can be assembled as required. The scraper system offers easy assembly on site and flexibility to suit conveyor frame structures.

Maintenance: The modules offer maintenance-free self-adjustment and push-in fastening. Type C2 means greatly improved Hosch precision cleaning with a compact unit and more user-friendly. Further benefits include unsurpassed cleaning efficiency and low operating costs.


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