Information into a single platform REF: MMPR 538

Benefits to the industry: Gilbarco AFS has launched an industry-leading reporting platform for the mining industry, called GMS Connect. GMS Connect is near-real time and uses interactive graphical representations to identify and highlight problematic areas that need corrective action.

GMS Connect offers a unique value proposition by combining fuel, fleet, production and other information into a single platform. This allows customers to focus on driving efficiencies into their operations through the use of simple dashboards, with a drill-through capability into the detailed underlying information. Customers now make decisions as events occur and eliminate wastage and inefficiencies immediately.

Gilbarco AFS also released the GMS Integrator, a unique application that creates unattended shifts and interfaces with all electronic devices installed on-site, eliminating the need for a person to physically read meter totalisers and tank levelling systems or be present whilst a hydro-carbon delivery is being made.

Your voice just got stronger REF: MMPR 537

Benefits to the industry: Take your enterprise further with the DP4000 Series. These fully-featured portables deliver unrivalled voice and data communication with integrated Bluetooth audio and data, integrated GPS and text messaging, full colour displays with day/night. The radio provides best in-class audio with Intelligent Audio, which automatically adjusts volume to overcome background noise.  

In the mix REF: MMPR 535

Benefits to the industry: The use of spades or similar tools to perform mixing operations often results in a non-homogenous mix of questionable quality. Mayday Equipment identified the need to address this issue, especially when screeds and epoxies are involved, and has introduced a range of handheld power mixers to the market.

Recognising that no two mixing jobs are identical, the Collomix range of handheld power mixers is available in a number of variants. Mayday Equipment will be marketing the Xo1, Xo 6 and Xo 55 Duo models, with a variety of stirrer accessories for various applications. The models have power ratings respectively of 1 010W, 1 600W and 1 450W with mixing volumes of 40, 90 and 90ℓ.

To protect and monitor REF:MMPR 495

ACDCxBenefits to the industry: The Innovolt protection and monitoring system available through ACDC Dynamics lowers service costs, improves reliability and increases the usable life of electronic equipment. It ensures increased equipment reliability and allows users to gain total insight into power related issues that might be affecting your equipment. Patented technology eliminates voltage sags and LCD display shows voltage history, with ultra-fast reaction to dangerous over voltage.


Communication protocol REF : MMPR 494


Benefits to the industry: The versatile SKF Wireless Machine Condition Sensor provides seamless condition monitoring for large plants, hard-to-reach locations and hazardous environments.

The SKF Wireless Machine Condition Sensors communicate with each other via a wireless gateway to create a mesh network. This type of network and communication protocol is ideal for providing dynamic vibration and temperature data for condition monitoring and machinery diagnostic applications for rotating machinery throughout large plants including in hard-to-reach locations or in areas where traditional WiFi communications do not work.

Using the WirelessHart communication protocol, this sensor offers monitoring capabilities that may be impossible with wired systems or hand-held devices which can ultimately lead to reduced condition monitoring costs as well as a safer approach to machine monitoring.


Band it REF:MMPR 493


BandItxBenefits to the industry: Band-It’s heat and corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic stainless steel bands and buckles are ideal for packaging, securing and transporting the cables, which are protected from heat stress and water damage.

Banding & ID Solutions Africa distributes and manufactures Band-It stainless steel strapping and buckles under licence from US-based Band-It-Idex, a leader in quality engineered band clamping and fastening solutions. The stainless steel clamping system is easy to install and remove, and creates a close-knit and tidy packaging. It is available in various sizes, making it suitable for cables of all diameters.


Joins pipe in seconds REF: MMPR 492


VictaulicxBenefits to the industry: Victaulic recently announced the launch of the Style 905 Refuse-to-Fuse HDPE coupling. This new installation-ready coupling installs up to 10 times faster than traditional fusing and can be properly installed using an impact gun or standard socket wrench with no special training or regular certification needed.

Ideal for mining applications including slurry transport, tailings, underground paste fill, water and air, as well as municipal water transport and other industrial applications, the new coupling is designed for HDPE pipe 2-6”/50-150mm and joins in just seconds. It is specifically designed to eliminate the need for butt fusing while offering visual confirmation of correct installation.


Motor control solutions REF : MMPR 491


RockwellxBenefits to the industry: By combining a smaller footprint and full, comprehensive type testing with enhanced total cost of ownership, Rockwell Automation has addressed customer needs and growing worldwide demand for factory-ready, space-, energy- and cost-efficient motor control solutions with the Centerline 2 500 Motor Control Center (MCC).

Available fully assembled with a factory-installed, preconfigured and validated EtherNet/IP network infrastructure, Centerline 2 500 MCCs can also exploit the company’s global manufacturing facilities in conjunction with its FasTrak delivery program, meaning that users can have a fully operational Motor Control Center installed and operating much quicker than before.

In addition to the programming and networking infrastructure, the user interface can also be preconfigured, so the system is truly plant-floor ready when delivered. Thanks to this extensive pre-configuration and pre-testing program, users have the potential to save up to 90% on development, commissioning and installation time.

In operation, Centerline MCCs with IntelliCENTER software offer much more straightforward integration with controllers, such as Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and Allen-Bradley CompactLogix programmable automation controllers.


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