To the rescue REF: MMPR 486


HolmatroxBenefits to the industry: Holmatro’s Greenline battery-powered spreader GSP 4240 features high spreading force, pulling force and large distance compared to size and weight. Its low sound level is less stressful for victims and ensures easier communication between rescuers and victims.

Sustainability: The product is powered by lithium-ion battery technology with no power consumption when idle. The product is also emission free and environmentally friendly, and ideal for use in confined spaces and/or underground spaces.


Beneficial nutritional supplement REF: MMPR 485

MoringaxBenefits to the industry: Nutrient and anti-oxidant rich Organic Moringa Oleifera supplies the body with the nutrients it needs to protect and heal itself. The best medicine is preventative medicine. Moringa contains iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and protein and comes in powders, capsules, shakes and energy bars.


Sight for potentially sore eyes REF: MMPR 484


DromexxBenefits to the industry: Dromex’s DroVision range of protective spectacles and goggles are available in a wide range of looks and colours including classic, sporty and wrap-around, and in clear, grey, green, amber and blue.

New product and innovations are continually being added to the range, and quality is received on an on-going basis ensuring the company offers the best possible specialist services to meet the ever changing demand of the personal protective equipment (PPE) market.

Inert gas fire suppression REF: MMPR 480


BrigitxBenefits to the industry: Brigit’s Envirogen offers all the benefits of inert gas systems with several significant design improvements. Most inert gas systems discharge from the storage cylinders at high pressure, and then use pressure reducers further down the pipe network (therefore requiring both high and low pressure piping to handle the pressurised gases as they travel to the discharge nozzle/s). Envirogen is different as its cylinder pressure regulator automatically reduces the pressure of the stored inert gases at discharge, providing an ideal discharge pressure and maintaining a constant flow rate throughout the system. This means no need for expensive high pressure piping.


CPR manikins REF: MMPR 479

LivewirexBenefits to the industry: The full-body CPR mannequin available through Live Wire Learning features lifelike positioning, a carotid pulse and anatomical landmarks that include the sternum, rib cage and substernal notch.

Rescue training is augmented with the Rescue Head that can be interchanged with the CPR/rescue-breathing head. An optional IV arm gives an added dimension. The product includes shorts, five mouthpieces and five airway systems with lungs. Wounds sold separately.


A partner in safety REF: MMPR 483


DettronicsxBenefits to the industry: Det-Tronics GT3000 electrochemical toxic gas detector detects hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, chloride and sulphur dioxide.

The product includes certified SIL 2 capable oxygen and hydrogen sensors, as well as simple one-person calibration.

The company ensures that its hazardous gas detection systems deliver the highest level of protection for people, processes and property – even under the most extreme conditions.


Clever boots REF: MMPR 477

ClawxBenefits to the industry: Claw Boots International offer total protection. The Claw thread is made up of ‘saw teeth’ running forwards and backwards. These are strategically placed on the heel, in front and behind the ‘wearing platform’, to take advantage of the natural tendency to point the toe when negotiating a descending slope or raising the toe when climbing.

This reflex action allows the Claw teeth to bite into any rough surfaces, acting as a break, thus reducing slips and falls.



Chairlift systems REF: MMPR 482



BeckerxBenefits to the industry: Becker Mining South Africa’s chairlift systems are designed to transport up to 900 people per hour, quickly, efficiently and safely in all underground applications, including difficult mining conditions.

Maintenance: Becker’s modular, low maintenance chairlift systems, which encompass the latest technology and manufacturing trends, meet stringent quality and safety regulations in the mining sector.

These chairlifts, with a simple, yet robust structure, are installed in underground sites with steep inclines up to 45 degrees and long haulages up to 2 000m, at drive speeds between 1.5m/s and 3m/s.

In emergencies, the chairlift system can be used for transporting injured workers quickly and safely back to the surface.

Sustainability: Drive units are equipped with a variable speed drive (VSD) or a soft start. Friction rope grips are recommended for gradients less than 13 degrees and fixed rope grips are suitable for installations where gradients are greater than 13 degrees.



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