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Locally manufactured Apex Welding and Safety Screens have contributed significantly to improved safety in many manufacturing facilities in southern Africa. The innovative PVC screening material is used to cordon off welding and grinding bays.

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Made from specially formulated material, which incorporates a heavy duty ultra violet light absorber, the Apex Welding and Safety Screens give end users assurance that dangerous ultra violet (UV) radiation is safely contained in the curtained off area. This protects workers in close vicinity to welding and grinding activities.

Extensive tests conducted by the SABS proved the Apex Welding and Safety Screen material is superior to conventional material used for these products.

Tested for UV transmittance, the conventional material gave readings of 0.005%, 0.008% and 5% as opposed to the Apex readings of 0.005%, 0.001 and 0.005%. When tested for total visible light transmittance, the tests were conclusive – the conventional material allowed 78% while the Apex material allowed only 15.5% light transmittance.

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