Scent.ology Ref: MMPR 462

Benefits to the industry: The exclusive African partner to the world’s leading providers of aroma marketing and ambient scent solutions, Scent.ology can complete any branding strategy by stimulation the second strongest, and often forgotten, sense of smell. Scent.ology does this by providing venues and brands with high quality fragrance diffusing systems that enable unique mood enhancing fragrances.

Scent.ology’s fragrances are developed in partnership with a renowned international fragrance company led by a team of experienced perfumers and technical scientists. Being a member of the International Fragrance Regulation Association (IFRA), they ensure the adherence to the strictest safety, health and manufacturing guidelines.

Scent.ology’s portable and compact fragrance system is capable of fragrancing an indoor space of up to 200m².

The Aroma Jet fragrance delivery system has the ability to provide continuous and consistent fragrance delivery to large interior spaces, whilst providing total user control of output and intensity.

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