Zambia: mining challenges and opportunities

Zambia: mining challenges and opportunities

Check out this video, well put together, illustrating the challenges and opportunities facing mining in Zambia:


Together we move forward

View this video on the mining sector consultative forum.


Gas filled mining transformer Ref: MMPR 389

Benefits to the industry: In the hazardous environment of underground coal mines, Ampcontrol’s gas filled mining transformer is a safer alternative to traditional air insulated transformers.

In comparison to traditional air filled units that rely on the design of the flange to contain any explosion, Ampcontrol’s transformer utilises non-explosive nitrogen gas to suppress explosions and significantly reduce the chance of fire underground.

The tank is hermetically sealed and positively pressurised to prevent moisture ingress, giving the unit a much longer operational life.

The transformer package incorporates primary and secondary protection ends and is maneuvered on a low profile trailer or skid base, all designed and manufactured to customer specifications.

Knock down flames Ref: MMPR 387

Benefits to the industry: The standard Ansul A-101 mobile equipment fire suppression discharges Ansul Foray multipurpose dry chemical agent, quickly knocking down the flames. With tank capacities from 9,1kg to 113,4kg, the A-101 fixed nozzle system can be designed to ‘flood’ entire volumes with chemical agent, or can be aimed at specific high-hazard areas.

Backup service: Anywhere in the world, trained Ansul distributors can design, install and service a system that offers the ultimate in protection for specific vehicles.

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