Brooking diamond project update

Lucapa Diamond provided an update on the follow-up exploration program underway at the 80% owned Brooking diamond project in Western Australia’s West Kimberley region.

The Xcite TDEM survey being flown at Brooking.
Image credit: Lucapa Diamond

Brooking is located within 50km of the Ellendale mine which, until its recent closure, produced more than 50% of the world’s fancy yellow diamonds.

The ongoing Brooking exploration program, which includes drilling and extensive geophysics, is designed to follow up on the LSC-01 diamond discovery hole, from which 119 micro and macro diamonds were recovered from an 86.8kg sample of lamproite core from a single drill hole.

Core samples from first follow-up drill hole sent for micro-diamond analysis

Further to the ASX update of 14 June 2018, core from the first PQ (85mm) drill hole completed in the Little Spring Creek follow-up programme (DH-002) has been logged and ~200kg of core samples airfreighted to a specialist laboratory in Canada for micro-diamond analysis.

As previously advised, this laboratory process takes about four weeks to complete and Lucapa will announce the results as soon as they come to hand.

DH-002 was drilled about 30m north of the LSC-01 discovery hole within the Little Spring Creek lamproite target defined following Lucapa’s ground-based geophysical surveys.

DH-002 intersected the targeted lamproite body from near surface to a vertical depth of about 70m. Thereafter, it intersected possible limestone / lamproite breccia to a depth of about 102m, when drilling was stopped due to difficult drilling conditions.

Airborne TDEM survey completed over entire 118km2 Brooking project

In parallel with the Little Spring Creek drilling program, Lucapa engaged new resolution geophysics (NRG) to fly a helicopter-borne Xcite time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) survey over the entire 118km2 Brooking project area.

The TDEM survey was designed to identify additional drilling targets within the Brooking project where diamonds and lamproite indicator minerals were recovered from previous surface sampling programmes. These additional target areas include Cameron’s Bore, Katie’s Bore, East-West Creek, Homestead Creek, Santa Fe Dam and North East Creek.

NRG has completed flying the Xcite TDEM survey on schedule. The interpretation and modelling of the TDEM survey data is expected to take about four weeks to process and Lucapa will announce the results as soon as they come to hand.



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