Renewable energy professional training

Training courses for certification as a Renewable Energy Professional are available at the Nelson Mandela University (NMU).

REP PE site visit to Algae energy generating plant
Producing energy from algae, at Nelson Mandela University Certified Renewable Energy Professional training programme.
Image credit: Energy Training Foundation

REP is an Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) programme to distinguish professionals in the renewable energy industry through an internationally recognised certification programme that requires continuous learning.

NMU and the Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) have over the last three years teamed up to present the REP programme under the AEE license in Port Elizabeth with Dr Sean Poole from NMU who is the accredited AEE trainer for REP.

Port Elizabeth is a favourite training site for REP due to the added excursions for trainees at no additional cost. This year the group travelled in the electric Joule vehicles from NMU to Van Stadens to visit wind farms, afterwards they stopped over for a tour of the Rhino House in Crossways which is the epitome of a house operating completely off the grid.

A visit to the algae plant, eYuilo mobility facility, solar research centre and the wind research, as well as the battery research facility added great value to experience renewable and alternative energy solutions in action. Refreshments and lunch for the excursion was sponsored by Rhino Energy.

The REP theory modules were presented at NMU and the syllabus and exam covers a variety of alternatives to generate energy including hydropower, geothermal, large scale alternative utility systems, solar thermal systems, PV systems, biomass with integrated gasifier-genset, biofuels, waste-to-energy, hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen gas vehicles, energy storage combinations with renewable generations, among others.

The REP training covers a packed three-day programme that included delving into the causes and effects of sustainability problems, energy categories, energy intensity of economics, solutions to carbon reduction, renewable energy projections, principles of urban sustainability, some history on the various protocols, carbon credits and offsets, carbon calculators, carbon economics and management, energy storage applications, alternative energy strategies for buildings, renewable fuels like vegetable oils, synthetic gas, compressed gas, methanol, fuel cells, with a host of other topics and financial and business case considerations.

The next REP course with all the practical visits to the wind farm, Rhino House, algae plant will take place in Port Elizabeth at Nelson Mandela University from 19 to 23 November 2018. Plan ahead and attend one of the most enjoyable courses in South Africa.



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