Community seeks probe against civil rights groups

The Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Municipality community unanimously supported a resolution authorizing The Voice Community Representative Council to write to the Presidency, Parliament and the public protector to seek a probe against three civil rights groups for economic sabotage and treason.

The open forum public debate held on 29 June 2018 in Volksrust’s Town Hall was attended by 1 411 people. The three civil rights groups are Centre for Environmental Rights, GroundWork and Earthlife Africa.

Speaking at the open forum debate, Thabiso Nene the chairman of The Voice, highlighted that, “We have conclusive proof of these 3 civil rights groups to subvert the national economy under foreign influence or agenda. This subversion of South African economic interests is unacceptable and unforgivable. We demand a probe as this subversion of national interest is costing our impoverished communities tens of thousands of jobs and developmental opportunities.”

This initiative was an attempt to discuss the community’s concerns in an open and transparent manner and the opposing coalition failed to participate at the event. The absence of the environmental groups upsets the community.

The community unanimously gave ‘The Voice, Community Representative Council’ a registered NPO, full power of attorney to act on its behalf in seeking legal advice and sourcing a legal team that will work on a pro-bono basis to combat the ‘anti-developmental’ agenda.

Atha-Africa made its presentation to the community and gave the opportunity to the community to ask questions about the potential impacts of the proposed mine.

Speaking at the open forum debate, Thabiso Nene the Chairman of The Voice said, “The community welcomes the responses given by Atha regarding the environmental concerns addressed by the independent specialist Dr Fanie Botha and believes that the development will not harm the environment and the community. We hope that CER and the NGOs will reconsider their position of resisting this development because the litigation process has continued to keep our youths unemployed.”


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