MPT hits the gas in Thabazimbi

The benefits of gas as an alternate energy source in mining will be highlighted by Master Power Technologies (MPT) in association with CNG Holdings (CNG) at the MTE Show near the Northam Platinum Zondereinde mine in Thabazimbi, Limpopo on 10 May.

Image credit: MTP

The MPT/CNG relationship is based on the premise that where there is gas, there is an opportunity to upgrade diesel engines to run on gas or to market gas generator solutions to power mining operations.

As an alternate energy source, gas is substantially cheaper than diesel and has low emissions. At the same time, waste heat recovery can raise the efficiency of continuous duty generators from 40% to as much as 80%, while captured heat can feed tri-gen equipment and replace all heating and refrigerant loads in a building. Major maintenance costs can also be written off over 60 000 hours compared to diesel units at 25 000 hours (nearly 60% longer).

Other benefits of gas are:

  • Consistent quality and energy content;
  • Less theft of fuel such as coal, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and petrol; and
  • Economical use of space.

Power is critical for safety in underground mines from the basic alarm / siren systems all the way to the cooling plants, evacuation hoists and ventilation. At Zondereinde specifically shafts reach an average depth of 1 750m and alternate energy in the form of hydropower is already used for stoping.



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