Konecranes branches equipped with water bags for load testing

Konecranes branches equipped with water bags for load testing

Load testing of cranes is a vitally important part of Konecranes’ service and maintenance programme, especially where older cranes are concerned. In order to speed up the load testing and avoid downtime, all Konecranes branches are now equipped with their own water bags.

Konecranes South Africa has also designed and manufactured a Mobile Test Crane for load testing on site. The customer no longer has to wait for their lifting equipment to be returned to site, as all the units are tested on the customers' premises, in their presence. It is unique as it can print the Load Test Certificate on the spot. Lifting equipment is certified proof load tested in accordance with all safety aspects and regulations. This rig can test from chain blocks (manual and air driven) to lever hoists, coffin hoists and so on.

The Mobile Test Rig can handle a 30T capacity and it has a heavy-duty battery back-up where electricity is not available.

The advantage of testing in this manner has proven far better and much quicker, improving Konecranes' service.

“Our investments in fully equipping our branches with mobile test rigs and our own static weights and branded water bags has already proved to have tremendous benefits and advantages,” says John MacDonald, services, sales and marketing director of Konecranes. “It has most certainly raised the bar in our industry and set new and higher standards in service delivery.



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