Sew supplying energy-efficient motors

Rising energy costs, increasingly stringent international regulations, and a global drive to reduce carbon emissions has resulted in pulp and paper customers considering other options available.

One of them is Sew-Eurodrive’s IE3-compliant DRN motor range. The DRN IE3 premium efficiency motors comply with the highest level of European Union (EU) standards in terms of energy efficiency (directive 2009/125/EC Regulations (EC) 640/2009, 4/2014). This, along with its long history of ensuring word-class delivery, and an unwavering commitment to its customers, is what sets Sew-Eurodrive South Africa apart from its competitors in the pulp and paper industry, Richards Bay sales engineer Jacques Swart comments.

SEW MMImage credit: Sew-Eurodrive

“Our projects department gets involved at the very beginning, right from the enquiry or tendering stage, whereby we ensure we select the correct products to meet all of the requirements. Once the customer accepts our proposal, we proceed with planning and management, until the project is completed. We always supply the best, most suitable solution,” Swart says.

Sew-Eurodrive South Africa offers customised solutions based on customer requirements to ensure that an application is successful and achievable. “If pulp and paper customers require a specific solution for a particular application, this can be achieved successfully. Our involvement commences from the inception of the process when the raw material arrives on-site, utilising conveyors powered by SEW drives, to the gearmotors and industrial gearboxes used in the processing plants themselves,” Swart highlights.

A significant benefit for pulp and paper customers is the standardisation of their operations on Sew-Eurodrive equipment, which gives them full confidence that, in the event of any issue arising, they have full technical and service support available. “Our long-standing relationships with our customers extend throughout the lifespan of our equipment, from installation to commissioning and aftermarket servicing,” Swart notes.



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