Strengthening power systems

The superior yield and tensile strength properties of Band-It Grade 304 stainless steel strapping and buckles, have proven a boon for EOH Power Systems to strengthen transmission and distribution systems.


Image credit: Banding & Identification Solutions Africa

The strapping and buckles are available locally from Banding & Identification (ID) Solutions Africa. According to Gary Venter, EOH Power Systems spokesperson, EOH Power Systems is a relatively new customer of Banding & ID Solutions Africa, and was attracted to the Band-It product range due to the quality and reasonable price.

“The lifespan of the products we use is particularly important to both us and our customers, in addition to finding products to meet our precise requirements,” says Venter.

Banding & ID Solutions Africa Sales Representative Shaylin Naidoo explains that the Band-It strapping features fully-rounded, smooth edges for safe and easy installation. The band-and-buckle can be formed to suit any diameter, with applications including insulation fixing, cable bundling and sign erection.

The Band-It strapping is available in 0.51mm and 0.76mm thicknesses, and in widths of 6.5mm, 9.5mm, 12.7mm, and 19.7mm. It is packed in 30m rolls in cardboard boxes or dispensers for added convenience. Application is by means of a C001, C003, or C075 tool.



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