FUCHS Lubricants sets up Lubritech division

FUCHS Lubritech and FUCHS Lubricants South Africa have created a Lubritech division that is operational from 1 January 2018.

Bernhard Biehl, CEO FUCHS Lubritech Group, says, “With the integration of the Lubritene and Lubrasa business into FUCHS Lubricants South Africa in 2014, the time is now ripe to start a specialty lubricants division within FUCHS Lubricants South Africa.”

Image credit: FUCHS Lubricants South Africa

Biehl says that the acquired businesses, mainly lubricants for the mining and food industries, brought initial sales growth and offers numerous prospects for further expansion in South Africa and the entire southern African region.

“Combining these advantages with the longtime specialty business of Ceplattyn Open Gear Lubricants and Cassida Food Grade Lubricants, we will hold a strong market position in the Southern African region. At the same time, we have a strong team in place to increase our market share substantially and to set up new market sectors,” says Biehl.

Paul Deppe, managing director of FUCHS Lubricants South Africa, adds, “FUCHS Lubricants South Africa has been purchasing product from FUCHS Lubritech for some time now. With the formation of a Lubritech division within the company it means that we will focus much more on specialty lubricants.”

Deppe added that the creation of the Lubritech division shows our intent to further grow our mining and food lubricants business as well as develop new markets for FUCHS Lubritech products, for example, cement, wind, glass and sugar and we have a skilled team of sales and product specialists ready to support our customers.



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