Mbeya Coal to Power Project on track

The Ministry of Energy (ME) has requested a meeting with Kibo Mining and the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (‘TANESCO’) to finalise the Mbeya Coal to Power Project MOU. 

Kibo remains optimistic that the MOU for the project (MCPP) will be completed soon.

Kibo and Sepco III at the signing ceremony for the MCPP power station construction.
Image credit: Kibo Mining

“Given the continued urgency by the ME to fast-track the MCPP as the Tanzanian Government focuses on delivering 5GW installed generation capacity by 2020 with a further 7GW to be added in the following five years, we remain optimistic for 2018,” says Louis Coetzee, Kibo’s CEO.

Coetzee also adds that it is anticipated that Kibo would hit various points regarding the MCPP including the completion of the MOU and the final power purchase agreement during the first quarter.


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