Cutting costs, converting to scissor lifts

Cutting costs, converting to scissor lifts

Rental equipment is far more cost-effective than scaffolding. Increased productivity results in significant cost- and time-savings that can be transferred directly to IDS’s customers and therefore enhance its competitiveness and market share.

IDS CEO Tiaan Maritz explains that the company had always relied on scaffolding, which is both costly and time-consuming to erect, move and then dismantle. “We were involved with a particular project with a tight time constraint, which resulted in looking at other options. We investigated Goscor Access Rental, and have never looked back.”

The company uses 18m, 14m, and 12m scissor lifts from Goscor Access Rental, in addition to its articulating and straight boom access lifts. IDS project manager Andries du Plooy cites the main benefit of the equipment as an accelerated cost-to-time ratio, in addition to the critical factor of improved safety.

However, Maritz attributes the secret ingredient of the 11-year partnership between the two companies as the 24/7 support offered by Goscor Access Rental. “The service is brilliant. Even if it is after hours, they will send somebody out. That is the main reason we use them.”

“Interestingly enough, our competitors have followed suit. Therefore, not only have we revolutionised the SIP installation industry, but Goscor Access Rental is actively helping us keep our leading edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” Maritz comments.

Current projects keeping IDS busy in the Western Cape include distribution centres for retail giants Spar and Woolworths, and various controlled-atmosphere projects in the Grabouw region.

“We have a few major projects pending, so it is going to be a busy year for us. With Goscor Access Rental continuing to support us in the background, we are assured of ongoing success,” Maritz concludes.


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