Pakistan - Determining what Punjab is made of

Pakistan - Determining what Punjab is made of

Pakistan’s Punjab Mineral Company (PMC) has commissioned a two-year long exploration programme of the country’s geological resources. Global geo-intelligence provider Fugro was awarded the multimillion Euro contract. Fugro will plan and supervise the exploration of areas of the Punjab — Pakistan’s second largest province and the country’s most populated region — for iron ore and other minerals.

The exploration programme will include geophysics, geotechnics, hydrology, drilling, and laboratory testing, as well as quality and budget control. The programme will culminate in a detailed estimation report of metal deposits in Punjab.

PMC is wholly owned by the Government of the Punjab and is controlled by the Mines and Minerals Department. The company was established in 2009 to promote, explore, develop, and economically exploit the minerals in the district.

The EUR10-million contract with Fugro was signed in Lahore in January. Addressing the signing ceremony, Punjab’s chief minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, called the exploration project a ‘progressive initiative’. He added that the survey would reveal authentic data on Punjab’s mineral reserves.

Fugro’s global mining director, Dr Uta Alisch, said, “We’re delighted that Fugro is the partner of choice for the Punjab government. As global company specialising in geotechnical, environmental, and geological survey services, our ability to support mining infrastructure development and operation is second-to-none. Our accurate estimation of the mineral reserves present in the Punjab area will allow the Punjab government to maximise investment opportunities.”


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