Penetrating the global arena

The recent supply of a complete resonance screen with an additional screen box to an Australian iron ore mine underpins MBE Minerals SA’s drive to participate in global markets. The supply of these screens is the continuation of the screen replacement programme of 20 such machines for this major Australian iron ore producer.

“Significantly, the original screens were manufactured in South Africa by MBE Minerals in 1997 and have been operating successfully in a fashion that is typical of their reputation for extended life cycles in arduous hard rock applications. We can reference a number of enduring heavy duty vibrating screen installations in the iron ore sector, including ones in the South African Northern Cape that have been in operation for more than 40 years,” says Johannes Kottmann, managing director of MBE Minerals SA.

The 2.4 by 4.5 metre screen employs the principle of resonance and dynamic vibration adsorption for its screening action. “A number of design elements have been incorporated to enhance performance, including the operation of the screen box at near resonance frequency. This allows the actuating device to replace only energy lost to the oscillating system by mechanical resistance and material transport,” Kottmann explains.

A counter-oscillating frame of pre-determined mass ratio to the screen provides vibration absorption, thus minimising the transfer of dynamic loads into the supporting plant structure. The addition of support, working and coupling springs allows energy exchange and guides the counter-oscillating masses.

MBE Minerals SA manufactures a wide variety of vibrating screens all designed with sound mechanical features including vibration damping, side plates, cross members and the appropriate feed and discharge chutes. This includes screens of linear and circular motion design, both in single and double deck configuration from 0,6 metre to 3,6 metre in width and up to 8,5 metre in length.

“Our screens are manufactured to provide increased throughput, while at the same time reducing both downtime and maintenance costs. Leveraging an extensive footprint of products for sizing, scalping, dewatering and media recovery, we are able to customise each screen to the specific requirements of the customer’s application,” Kottmann concludes.

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