Striking out

With regards to strikes in the mining industry, a number of factors have been taken into consideration, especially when one refers to the Marikana strike of 2012 and the platinum strike of 2014.

This includes catalysts such as what many believe to be irresponsibility from the police’s side and work force reduction due to high costs, with consequences resulting in injuries, fatalities and an overall poor investor confidence.

So what remedial actions need to be considered? Bench Marks Foundation executive director John Capel pointed out, at the 7th Alternative Mining Indaba, that honesty‚ transparency and open communication between companies‚ governments‚ communities and workers are essential if the mining sector wishes to recover from its losses due to the reduction in commodity prices and looming massive job cuts.

We continue to push for Social Labour Plans (SLPs) to be made freely available to communities and workers so that they can see what has been promised and can hold the companies accountable‚” Capel said.

Source: TMG Digital

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