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Drivetrain Systems for efficient fleet performance

Associated Automotive Distributors (AAD) has an exclusive range of Drivetrain Systems that reduce wear and tear and increase productivity in medium to heavy duty commercial vehicles. The systems comprise different local and international brands that assist fleets to operate at optimal efficiency.


Allison PrimaryAllison Transmission

Allison Automatics fully automotive transmissions are the preferred choice of sanitation departments around the world as make fleets more productive. With the refuse market’s tight demanding schedule, Allison Automatics are the most efficient transmissions.

Allison Transmission is the largest designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems in the world. Allison is focused on understanding and satisfying the needs of our customers, we’re constantly analysing, refining and improving our products and their features. Rather than being content to rest on our past successes, Allison is driven by a true commitment to excellence without compromise to ensure its products are the highest quality available today. That’s why over 300 of the world’s leading commercial and military manufacturers specify Allison products for a wide variety of vehicles and vocational applications – fully automatic, the only real option.

Dulevo International MMDulevo International

When speaking of municipalities and public areas, what immediately springs to mind is the cleanliness and decorum desired in the cities. Much more than just cleaning: hygiene, clean air and therefore low emissions in terms of particles and CO2. Dulevo has consistently focused on the urban environment and road cleanliness in general.
Dulevo’s sweeper and road sweeper range is an ideal solution for all municipal enterprises and cleaning companies who prioritize citizen well-being and the environment. The Dulevo urban cleaning range features fast, silent and superior performance machines that are all environmentally friendly.

Telma logo MMTelma Retarders

Now you can have both: greater operating economy and safer driving advantages when installing a Telma retarder in your commercial truck or bus. The Telma retarder increases the safety of vehicles and provides safety when dealing with people in transportation. Using a Telma retarder generates cost reduction and the lack of friction make the retarder totally silent in all conditions. The induction brakes do not have a negative impact on the environment and do not generate any pollutant emissions.




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