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Murray & Roberts community training opens doors

Murray & Roberts community training opens doors

A proactive and ongoing training programme by the Murray & Roberts Cementation Training Academy (MRTA) is empowering hundreds of unemployed community residents with basic technical and safety skills, paving the way for them to enter the job market in mining and other sectors.


The right side of the law

Contributed by: Jaco Swartz, Legislative Compliance Specialists (LCS) managing director

Cyanide management, collision avoidance systems, proximity detection… These are just a few examples of what legislation demands within a mining operation to avoid fatalities, ensure health and safety, and maintain an all-round conducive environment. What exactly do the new regulations require to remain on the right side of the law?


Understanding the mining charter

By: Johan Engelbrecht Jr – director: sustainability solutions; Institute for Sustainable Risk Management

The Mining Charter, a government instrument designed to effect sustainable growth and meaningful transformation of the mining industry, seeks to achieve the following objectives:


When to email and when to phone

By: Paul du Toit – regular contributor

The most efficient response by far is a phone call, and it remains my firm favourite. Why?

Don’t you just love requests for information by email with a name, but without a signature? If you don’t know me personally, at least supply that vital bit of information that identifies beyond a name who you are, who you represent and a choice of contact details including location. Your signature or lack of it determines how seriously I take your enquiry. The less information, I have found, the lesser chance of the enquiry being significant.


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