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The African towns left with no way out after mine closures

The African towns left with no way out after mine closures

Penda Diallo, King's College London

The town of Fria in Guinea was built around bauxite mining in 1957. It used to have good facilities: water, electricity, schools, housing and hospitals. But since the last company mining there began to decrease activities in 2008 after the financial crisis and a fall in aluminium prices, the population has increasingly lived in poverty with high rates of unemployment. Families that used to provide for their extended families cannot today afford to care for the needs of their own children and immediate relatives.


As the pioneer in cold emulsion explosives in South Africa BME has evolved this technology to new levels

Heeding environmental responsibilities

When caught up in their everyday operational and maintenance routines, companies often lose track of its environmental responsibilities. [END BLURB]


The art of refining – environmental issues facing refineries today

By Kelly-Ann Prinsloo

Refineries today face various dangers and environmental issues. We probe the most pressing ones.


Maintenance: Rapid response creates long-term value

Limiting downtime and reducing maintenance costs have become paramount in a world where volatile markets are the norm


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