Six things to consider when doing business in sub-Saharan Africa

Over the past two decades, sub-Saharan Africa has caught the attention of an increasing number of investors who are looking for new and promising opportunities.


In search of real rarities

Up until now, rare earth elements have failed to make an impression on the markets. However, this enigma of the mineral world could hitch a ride on the back of the green revolution and in the process kick start the struggling economy of a tiny African country, writes Leon Louw.


For the love of diamonds

The West African Craton presents huge opportunities for diamond miners. In the right hands these gems can change the fortunes of a battered region and all those negative perceptions about diamond mining, writes Leon Louw.


Mali: Land of plenty

World class gold deposits have made Mali the playground of flamboyant mining executives and hopeful geologist and exploration companies, writes Leon Louw.


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