Ripping, crushing and screening through the mines

By Dineo Phoshoko

Xcentric has met mining industry’s demand by producing a range of products that make mining and construction easier and safer. Mining & Minerals Product Review (MMPR) looks at its three products individually, to unpack their uniqueness and importance to both industries.

Ripper 002
The XR 120 is the biggest model from the Xcentric's tipper range
Image: Xcentric

Xcentric’s range of products include a ripper, crusher and screener, which are all relevant to the mining and construction industry. Each product comes with unique features that also challenge traditional ways of mining, therefore creating new and innovative ways of mining.

Xcentric Ripper
The Xcentric Ripper is an excavator attachment developed with the latest advances in excavation and demolition systems in mind. Through its design, an outstanding performance can be achieved, allowing more efficient work. The ripper can be considered as an alternative for drilling and blasting, to excavate weathered, fractured or layered material. 

When compared to a hydraulic hammer, the Xcentric Ripper has a higher production capacity of up to two to five times, in 70% of the applications. In some mining environments, blasting is no longer permitted due to the environmental and safety concerns that surround the activity. 

Ripper 001
The ripper can be used as an alternative to drilling and blasting.

One of the key features of the ripper is that it is made of wear-resistant steel. Thanks to its uncomplicated mechanical design, which do not have expensive components, the maintenance costs are very low and down times are low. The model range consist of nine different models to be used on excavators weighing from 7t to 150t. 

In addition to minimal maintenance, other benefits of the ripper include lower noise levels, and it can be used under water without any risk. Components and materials have a longer life span even though daily lubrication is not required. Patented by Grado Cero Sistemas, the ripper is available in sizes that are bigger than hammers which are currently available on the market. 

Managing director of Xcentric Ripper, Pieter Van der Merwe, explains that the ripper has been available in South Africa since 2014. He adds that the Xcentric Ripper is developed with a patented impact energy accumulation technology, that dampens the vibration and impact that normally gets transferred to the linkage of the excavator, using other types of attachments, causing metal fatigue and cracks on the excavator’s linkage. This normally results in long downtimes and heavy repair costs, which can be prevented by using the ripper.

Xcentric Ripper has developed a new series of high performance machines. Denominated as Mining Series, they are focused to be used in mining, where the highest production values are required, as well as continuous work shifts, where the reliability and comfort of working with the excavator are of vital importance. The working technology is basically the same as in the standard version, but not the mechanics, which has been reinforced to achieve a greater impact at a lower frequency. 

Xcentric Crusher
Crushing is an essential part in mineral processing. Minerals are often extracted in bulk sizes and need to be reduced into smaller sizes for further processing. For this reason, having an effective crusher is essential. 

The crusher does not require a lot of maintenance and is able to grind wet material as well.

The crusher from Xcentric was developed with innovative technology that assists the crusher buckets to achieve profitable production levels. The increase in production per hour, with long maintenance intervals, and a powerful heart that provides the necessary reliability to work with it constantly, making the Xcentric Crusher a machine that turns stone crushing or recycling materials processes into a profit. “This is possible thanks to the patent-pending technology that applies a high inertia power train, circular jaw movement, as well as a new and easy anti-stagnation plate, which prevents large shredding pieces from getting stuck in the bucket´s mouth, not allowing them to enter the crushing jaws,” explains Van der Merwe.

The crusher doesn’t need much maintenance and only needs to be greased every 200 hours. Plus, placing the crushing jaws in a cross position, together with its circular motion, gives the Xcentric Crusher the ability of grinding wet material. This way, what you get is the movable jaw to bite the wet material and together with the circular movement drag it to the outlet, without sticking to the walls of the bucket. The model range consists of seven models that can be used with excavators weighing from 13t to 70t.

Xcentric Screener
The Xcentric Screener, is a high-performance screening bucket, rotating trommel type. In its manufacturing, several variants have been combined to improve the traditional screening technology. 

A powerboost feature is included with the screener which does not affect any operation of the screener.

Polygonal trommel 
The 12-sided polygonal trommel, shakes the material inside more efficiently. Its longer length compared to other screeners, offers a larger screening area, so reduces working times in each cycle. This greater length of trommel is possible thanks to the large diameter of the main roller bearing. The hexagonal profile of the screening mesh, is the best choice between maximum yield and more homogeneous screening. The standard mesh sizes available are hexagonal with openings of 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 80mm.

Transmission by time belt
The transmission between the main hydraulic motor and the trommel, is done by a time belt. This belt can transmit great torque, besides being free of maintenance and/or periodic tensioning.

The Powerboost system applies vibration to the trommel while turning, greatly increasing production. It is a high frequency, low amplitude vibration, that does not affect the mechanical part of the Xcentric Screener or the excavator. The Xcentric Screener can be supplied without the Powerboost option, being ready for later installation.

Xcentric’s rippers, crushers and screeners have unique technologies that are changing the way mining is done. Although the products remain true to the traditional sense of mining, the technological improvements create an outlook at the positive potential technology has in the development of mining products. 

*All images credit: Xcentric


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