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Software for transport in mining

Software for the mining industry is very versatile. Often when it comes to mining software the focus is placed on the design of the mining operation itself. However, it can expand its reach onto a mining operation’s assets too, such as the design methods for various modes of transport.


Micromine previewed Micromine 2016

Micromine previewed the latest version of its exploration and mine design solution, Micromine 2016, at the PDAC Convention in March at the Toronto, Canada.


Software for the mining industry

Software for the mining industry has helped make the industry (both locally and globally) take a massive leap forward. Find out the many reasons how in in this video:


Belonging to an association has a number of advantages.

The benefits of joining an association

By Matthew Wood.

Joining an association has a number of benefits, particularly in the world of mining. So, what are the ins and outs? There are many benefits to joining a mining association, from gaining industry knowledge to staying ahead of the competition. For a well-rounded understanding, MMPR approached the Mine Professional Associations Secretariats (MPAS) of South Africa’s Chamber of Mines.


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