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Wellness – a valuable commodity

By Philip Gregory, Senior Regional Executive: Johnson Controls GWS, Middle East & Africa 

While sanitation and hygiene are important to the workplace, the concepts tie in closely with health and wellness. In other words one state of being generally follows the other, hence the correlation.



Rhys Evans, Alco-Safe (Director)

Understanding drug and alcohol testing in the workplace

By: Rhys Evans, Alco-Safe (Director)

Effective, comprehensive health and safety procedures are not only essential for compliance with the Operational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, they are also important for ensuring productive working environments. However, when it comes to sensitive aspects such as drug and alcohol policies and testing, implementation of policies and procedures may not be altogether straightforward.


hygiene and sanitation

Hygiene and sanitation expanded

No matter what industry you are in, hygiene and sanitation is an important aspect.

To add clarity to the matter MMPR has sourced information on how hygiene and sanitation in the mining context is viewed from a legal stand point.


Temperature’s rising


Just say the word ‘temperature’ in the mining industry and a vast array of concepts spring to mind, whether from a health/safety point of view, as a sustainability incentive or an innovation in technology. MMPR investigates the massive role that temperature plays in mining, how it can be controlled, how it is ignored and how it can be improved.


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