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Keep it clean – hygiene and sanitation in mining

By Matthew Wood – writer

No matter what industry you are in, hygiene and sanitation is an aspect of critical importance. To what extent does hygiene and sanitation play a role in the mining industry? Do measures in this regard need to be implemented to a higher degree?


Safety first – a Mining and Technical Exhibitions guideline on health and safety

Mining & Technical Exhibitions provide a number of safety points so as to ensure that the safety and security points standards set by the mine are adhered to as well as seeing that everyone’s safety is secure.


Occupational hygiene – Anglo American’s commitment

It is a great thing to know that occupational hygiene is pushed to such a high degree in South Africa. Thanks to a week of pushing hygiene and sanitation on Mining Online, a sizeable collection of references and information has been accumulated. Special thanks is in order to the industry experts who contributed.


Ensuring a hygienic and sanitised environment

Hygiene and sanitation is as important to the mining sector as any other sector, particularly because of the strong alignment with health and safety.


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