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Setting the standard in sustainable health and safety management

Air Products South Africa has, over a number of years, developed a formal occupational health and safety program which has proven highly effective, and has gained industry-wide recognition.


Benchmark in ultrasonic gas flow meters

The Fluxus G series of ultrasonic gas flow meters sets a new industry benchmark for non-intrusive clamp-on flow metering of gaseous media.


Canary in a coal mine

As it is such a recurring subject, Mining Online has chosen poisonous gases as its theme of the week. Read on and find out where the term ‘canary in a coal mine’ derives from.


Man your panic stations

By Matthew Wood – writer

Life threatening situations such as poisonous gases or lack of oxygen create the need for safe rooms, otherwise known as panic rooms or refuse bays. In today’s field of technological innovations, how can they be improved, what are the best ways of equipping them and how can they be more cost efficient?


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